Comparing Rental Storage Options - Self Storage Or Storage Units?

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We have more options for self storage than ever before. Sure we still have many of the same public storage companies today to choose from as we did maybe a decade ago, but the big difference now is not necessarily the structure in which it is stored, but how we get our belongings to and from the warehouse.

So the question really comes down to this: do we hunt for a public storage locations or do we consider a storage units company? Below we compare the options:

Self Storage Units

It comes in many forms and has many names: storage units, public storage, mini storage, etc and it typically works like this:

  • You pay a monthly or yearly fee to rent a said amount of space.
  • You need to do all the moving yourself, using something like a u haul moving truck rental or some other vehicle to move in (and out) all your belongings
  • Certain self storage units can be quite cost-effective, while others, such as those in cities, tend to be quite expensive
  • Finding companies that offer such services close by can be quite challenging, especially if you are in more rural areas

Storage Units

In recent years moving and storage units have gained in popularity. Why?

  • You contact a storage units company and tell them approximately how much space you need based on the amount of personal belongings you have
  • They will recommend a said number of storage units. IMPORTANT: these units can and most likely will, vary from company to company. Some are much larger than others
  • The company drops off the units at your desired location
  • You pack the units on your own schedule, typically within a week, sometimes up to a month
  • Once done, the units company picks them up and brings them back to their storage warehouse OR you can actually leave the pod at your location

Now we know the main differences between the two options. Which one is right for you? More often than not folks will jump on renting a self storage unit and perform the move themselves (with the help of friends and lots of beer), typically because it's all they know and believe it's the cheapest option. The fact of the matter is though, this may not be the best, nor cheapest, idea, for numerous reasons.

Why storage units make storage easier:

  • Storage units are often cheaper month-to-month than similar sized self storage units. Yes you have to pay pick-up and drop-off fees, but when you consider the costs of renting a truck, gas, YOUR TIME,  you really aren't saving much and more often than not the costs over the long run are still going to be cheaper
  • You only pay for what you use. Basically there is no more wasted space self storage, a huge problem and inefficiency with renting a unit. You can have the units company drop off three units but if you only end up needing two, they won't charge you for the extra one
  • You don't have to worry about renting a truck. Finding a compatible storage unit is hard enough, but having to dig up a truck nearby, pick it up, drop it off can be a real pain. In this case, the portable storage containers will be dropped off right at your front door, literally, EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN THE CITY
  • Loading and unloading these units is pretty much a piece of cake. They're set at ground level
  • You can still access your belongings whenever you want. Contact the warehouse and let them know 24 hours in advance if you want access to your pod

As unexciting as storage is, the options for making it easier do exist nowadays. Regardless of which method you use, get quotes from all companies and check ratings only at sites such as and


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Comparing Rental Storage Options - Self Storage Or Storage Units?

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Comparing Rental Storage Options - Self Storage Or Storage Units?

This article was published on 2010/03/31